Because being human
is the best part
of every human being.



"Communicating For Unity"
- a manifesto -




Unity is not the absence of diversity.

It’s the acceptance of it.

It’s respecting it.


It’s celebrating the fact that we’re all different.


In our idiosyncrasies.

In our individuality.

In our uniqueness.





Unity means seeing these differences as pieces of a puzzle:

where each piece complements each other,

and one piece is dependent of the other.


These pieces must go together.


So we can be whole.

So we can be one.



Because, in the end,

that is what we truly are:




…and the same.


Same fears and insecurities.

Same desire to be accepted for who we are.

Same need to be loved and validated.


We’re one and the same because we’re all …human.

And as such, we all have the exact same rights.


Inalienable rights.

Universal rights.

Human rights.


The right to health, education and safety.

The right to equal access to opportunities.

The right to enjoy life in peace and in dignity.


When those rights are threatened, violated or denied,

in any way, shape or form,

THAT’s when we need to join forces.


To protect and defend those rights.

To take care of them.

To fight for them.





They say the pen is mightier than the sword.

So we choose to fight with our words.



They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

So we look at the big picture to paint the right one.

community is kindness.png

Communication means sharing.

It means bringing people together.


And that’s what we’re here to do.


Hoping that through our work

maybe someday

we’ll all be able to come together.


Standing next to each other.

Standing up for each other.


United in our differences.


As one and the same.